Optimization and Innovation
through Predictive Hiring
Our proprietary platforms like XOOS and Applicant Experience are designed to transform how we partner with clients to build, optimize and innovate across their remote teams.
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Predictive Hiring.
Leveraging machine learning-based predictive modeling (out of MIT)
to better enable our TA team to source the right talent.
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Proprietary Assessments
We’ve created a set of proprietary assessments that analyze candidates across 6 areas that are predictive of operational performance.
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Assessments screen for the following:
English level  • Multitasking  • Cognition  • Situational Judgement  • Typing  • Personality
Predictive Modeling
We’ve partnered with MIT backed Ikigai Labs to analyze assessment data and generate an ai-backed continuous learning system that automatically matches the best candidates to your account based off assessment data and predictive indicators for long-term success.
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Our XooS Platform (XtendOps Operating System) allows you to view applicants and specific account settings to see talent pipeline and make adjustments based on your specific needs.
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Tim Garnett
Vice President of Customer Care
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“...From day one their talent acquisition team nailed the hiring profile with a pass rate of 80% (up from 20% with other partners). ”
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XooS Multiteam System Innovation
Our proprietary tech platform, XOOS, is a game-changing tool that is designed to transform the way we partner with clients to build, optimize and innovate across their remote teams. XOOS is a cutting-edge platform that leverages the latest advancements in technology to provide our clients with real-time insights, seamless collaboration, and streamlined workflows.
XOOS dashboard
Talent Pipeline Module: Clients can review relevant candidate profiles including assessment data, resumes, and our proprietary predicted fit scores. Clients can interview and approve candidates directly in the platform.

Benefit: Reduce ambiguity in the hiring process and give clients full control to build their remote teams.
XOOS dashboard
TA Portal Module: Streamlines the hiring process from start to finish by keeping track of every candidate from initial interviews and offers to onboarding. Our TA Portal module provides a centralized location for all candidate data, allowing us to easily track progress, maintain accurate records, and quickly identify qualified candidates.

Benefit: We ensure that our clients have access to the best talent available, while also providing a positive experience for candidates throughout the hiring process.
XOOS dashboard