Making AI Work For You

The secret to success is in our strategic implementation.

Our implementation of AI isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s a specialized tool, customized around your needs. That’s why we work to understand the nuances of your business, putting our combined BPO and AI expertise to work to ensure our XO AI™ ecosystem is strategically implemented for success. It all starts with a deep dive into your operations to find the right places where our AI can drive the strongest results. Then, we customize our integration to fit right in, quickly and effectively assisting agents and enhancing the customer experience, all while reducing costs.

An Automated Agent for an Enhanced Experience

There’s no greater team than agents empowered by XO SmartAgent™. Our AI agent is trained exclusively on your SOPs and support tickets, ensuring it’s ready to meet your high standards of service. Once it’s trained and ready to go, XO SmartAgent™ raises agent effectiveness by providing human agents assistance when they need it most, all while handling other tasks all on its own. The result? Smaller teams delivering an improved experience with faster handle times

From Real-Time Assistance

Our AI analyzes every customer interaction in real-time to provide agents with response suggestions, reducing AHT, increasing FCR, boosting quality scores, and improving speed to competency.

To Full-Time Automation

Our AI can also act as a fully autonomous agent, handling up to 60% of Tier 1 inquiries, letting human agents focus on higher tier support areas. It can even be deployed in QA and training roles, helping human agents grow and succeed.

100% Transparency

An AI That Learns to Improve Over Time

We fully monitor each and every action of our XO SmartAgent, from large-scale success metrics to seeing how our AI handles specific subject matter. These details are then used to improve the system with additional prompts and training to ensure the highest quality experience.

Find the Right Talent with the Power of AI

Our AI doesn’t just find qualified talent. It finds the perfect fit. XO SmartHire™ uses proprietary AI methodology to identify candidates who are scientifically more likely to excel in their role. Our approach is proven to lead to high-quality hires with longer tenures, higher job satisfaction, and better customer experiences.

Tim Garnett
Vice President of Customer Care

“...From day one their talent acquisition team nailed the hiring profile with a pass rate of 80% (up from 20% with other partners). ”

Our Precise Assessments Finds The Right Fit

We’ve developed a set of proprietary assessments that analyze each applicant across several areas that are predictive of operational performance. With the right person in the perfect role, we end up with happier, successful agents who provide higher-quality service.

Predictive Modeling To Forecast Success

We use MIT backed predictive modeling methodologies to transform how we evaluate and acquire talent. With our cutting-edge AI forecasting, we analyze candidate assessment scores and predict performance across key metrics that drive ROI, including tenure, CSAT and AHT.

Get an Overhead View with XooS

Our centralized XooS platform allows you to review relevant candidate profiles, including assessment data, resumes, and our proprietary predicted fit scores, ensuring you’re right there with us every step of the way as we build your remote teams.

AHT Reduction
Increased QA scores
Increased FCR

Every single metric that matters in a call center has been improved. I think it's plain and simple: XO delivers results.

Elena Bernardo
SVP, Business Operations

Optimized Cx Performance

“There's really not one key driver that we look at that hasn't been going in the right direction and really accelerating in that right direction with XO. It's amazing!”

Jerry Ellis
SVP Customer Care

Operational Flexibility & Scalability

“I am very confident about the team that we’ve built and their consistency in delivery. We’ve been very successful because of that long-term continuity. Xtendops is the best and easiest people to work with in the industry.”

Karen Cepeda
Director Customer Care

Proactive Client Support

“The support team that we have has been exceptional. A big reason for our success has been their understanding of our business and moving quickly and with a sense of urgency.”

Ashley Hidalgo
Director Of Vendor Relations

Enhance Your CX with the Power of The More Than Human Connection

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