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March 8, 2023
End of Year Party @Cebu
The End of the Year Party in Cebu brought together colleagues for a memorable evening of celebration and reflection.
Our End of the Year party in the Philippines is an excellent way for us to celebrate the accomplishments and hard work of our agents, employees and clients.

Cebu, PH

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Experience Highlights
Dance Night
The party ambiance was infused with the vibrant spirit of Filipino culture as guests came together to celebrate through captivating traditional dance performances, immersing everyone in a rich tapestry of music and movement that beautifully echoed the essence of the Philippines.
Red Carpet Event
The glamorous atmosphere of the red carpet event was palpable as attendees graced the entrance, elegantly dressed and adorned. Cameras flashed, capturing the essence of the evening that defined the unforgettable party.
X Revelation
Anticipation filled the air as the curtains were drawn back, revealing the XtendOps X sculpture at the heart of the party venue.
More information coming soon.
We are working to give you the best experience. Stay tuned!