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October 26, 2023
Day of the Dead @Aguascalientes
Join our annual cultural celebration of one of Mexico's most famous days: Dia de Los Muertos.
Each fall we celebrate our annual Day of the Dead event, this year in Tulum, MX. We believe uniting clients, employees, government, and leadership in a celebratory environment builds relationships for continued mutual success.

Aguascalientes, MX

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Experience Highlights
Mariachi Night
We transported guests to the heart of Mexico with our unforgettable Mariachi Night event at the party! The air was filled with the lively and enchanting melodies of traditional mariachi music, accompanied by spirited dancing and the rich flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine.
A very special speech
Our CEO, Sean McCreery, took the stage and delivered an inspiring speech that resonated with all in attendance. With eloquence and passion, he recounted company’s journey, celebrating milestones and highlighting the collective dedication that brought us to this remarkable moment.
Noche Mexicana Dance
The party came alive with the enchanting rhythms of our Noche Mexicana dance event! The venue was transformed into a fiesta of colors, as guests swayed to the lively tunes of Mexican music, their laughter and footsteps echoing the spirit of the night.
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