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Every connection matters. Not just for your customers.

From the quality of the experience to the cost, every piece is connected. That’s why our most important connection is with you. By working closely, Xtendops ensures that every element of your customer journey is optimized to provide the highest quality experience while maximizing efficiencies.

We use AI to create connections that are anything but artificial

To us, AI is a means to a more human end. We leverage the power and efficienciesof our AI ecosystem to invest in our people, creating a better experience foreveryone while optimizing costs.

Putting our people first puts your people first, too.

We believe that the best customer experience starts with agents who are motivated, engaged, and empowered. That’s why we prioritize our agents’ growth and development to create a best-in-class team that boosts performance with consistent high-quality service.

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Our AI Approach is Always Different. Our Success is Always Consistent.

We use a deep understanding of your outsourcing needs to customize our AI approach. Our method ensures quick and strategic deployment, spotting areas where AI excels and roles that need a human touch for maximum impact.

Our XO AI™ Ecosystem integrates throughout your BPO value chain, streamlining operations from agent recruitment to back-office support and customer interaction. In action, we use a collaborative approach to our AI, harnessing its strengths to empower our human agents, enhancing CX performance and reducing overall costs.

Our predictive hiring model finds the talent most likely to excel in their roles, leading to consistently stronger retention, satisfaction, and performance.

Our SmartAgent technology learns from real customer interactions to provide agents actionable solutions in real-time, all while autonomously handling a variety of other tasks.

AHT Reduction
Increased QA scores
Increased FCR

Every single metric that matters in a call center has been improved. I think it's plain and simple: XO delivers results.

Elena Bernardo
SVP, Business Operations

Optimized CX Performance

“There's really not one key driver that we look at that hasn't been going in the right direction and really accelerating in that right direction with XO. It's amazing!”

Jerry Ellis
SVP Customer Care

Operational Flexibility & Scalability

“I am very confident about the team that we’ve built and their consistency in delivery. We’ve been very successful because of that long-term continuity. Xtendops is the best and easiest people to work with in the industry.”

Karen Cepeda
Director Customer Care

Proactive Client Support

“The support team that we have has been exceptional. A big reason for our success has been their understanding of our business and moving quickly and with a sense of urgency.”

Ashley Hidalgo
Director Of Vendor Relations

Services That Drive Satisfaction

Our powerful AI and top-tier agents perform a range of services withoff-shore, near-shore, and on-demand staffing.

Digital Customer Experience

We combine the power of AI and our highly skilled agents to provide best-in-class CX across every channel.


Content Moderation

Our vigilant agents and AI tools work to keep your online spaces and content safe, secure, and expressive for your customers to enjoy.


Back Office Support

From data management to content creation, our expert team can streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase your bottom line.


Process Transformation

We work with you to optimize your operations, helping you make the most of the latest tech and innovation.

CSAT Achievement
Cost Per Error Reduction
Industry Low Attrition Rate

Learn How Connection is Always Improving

Enhance Your CX with the Power of The More Than Human Connection

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