Our Process

Find the best people.
Develop & Empower them.
Retain them.

scope Scope
Define the services scope, requirements, duration, number of agents, and start date. Review delivery parameters and definte metrics.
scope Framework
Finalize onboarding plan and day-to-day management of program. Map transition plan from post-onboarding to steady state.
scope Design Team
Recruit train, and develop agents based on your specific use case with appropriate support and leadership roles built-in.
scope Service Delivery
Put the team into action: conduct ongoing QA, collect data, and note areas for efficiency gains as needed. Provide scheduled reporting and analysis.
scope Ongoing Analysis
Regularly review operational efficiency and make recommendations for modified procedures and improvements. Roll-out updates, deliver, review, and revise.

Pricing Simplified
Our pricing is simple: one flat rate for agents dedicated to your account. We do not charge for our US Consultants, Support Teams, or our Proprietary Platform. There are no implementation costs or one-time fees. Because pricing should be transparent and simple.