Customer Experience

Customer Experience

We're really buzzing...
...because we do customer experience like nobody does.

A global leader in customer experience and support, XtendOps is raising the bar to meet you and your customers wherever you are.

We'll bring the experience, you bring your customers.

Our dedicated customer support agents are experienced, personable, and fully accredited, trained in-house by our team of experts to deliver exceptional results for your business.

Customer success

We've been there. We got this.

From back-office administration to the front lines of compliance and crisis management, we provide full-scope customer support so you can dedicate more time to other areas of your business.

Full-scope customer support

Omni-Channel Management

A seamless, unified experience.

Tech Support
Social Media

Extend. Empower. Enhance.

We <i>extend</i>
          our support to amplify yours. It's what we do.

We extend our support to amplify yours. It's what we do.

We operate as an extension of your brand and business, working hand-and-hand with your existing teams to better understand the intricacies and nuances so we can make informed decisions and problem solve on your behalf.

  • We provide full technical services and support
  • We handle all your customer and account related issues
  • We fill your staffing voids and bridge operational gaps

We <i>empower</i>
          your team's productivity and performance.

We empower your team's productivity and performance.

With the help of integrated technologies like AI-powered chat and process automation, we're able to streamline workflows and automate recurring tasks to dramatically boost your output efficiency and track progress in real time.

  • We integrate our digital apps with your existing systems
  • We automate your data collection, processing, and reporting
  • We implement productivity tools for your cross-functional teams

We <i>enhance</i>
          your NPS with unmatched ROI.

We enhance your NPS with unmatched ROI.

When it comes to achieving customer satisfaction, there's no one better at delivering authentic value than us. We meet your customers wherever they are, and combine talent with technology to adequately support them across all critical touch points without fail.

  • We consolidate your customer communications in one app
  • We closely monitor support tickets to troubleshoot in real-time
  • We engage your customers with empathy and resolve