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Credit Card Conversion (Goal 1.5%)
Increased Average Order Value
Add-On Sales Attempts Made
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With over 35 years in the apparel business and a mindset of collaborating with the coolest brands, J.Crew has put their trust in Xtendops to look after of their customer care.

In addition to overachieving on CSAT and SLA's XtendOps has exceeded J. Crews credit card conversion goal converting at a rate of 1.82%, which is on par with the J.Crew high tenure internal team and significantly higher than J.Crew's other BPOs.
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Building Brand Loyalty

Customers are saying...

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"David helped me with a complicated issue where he went above and beyond! He was so nice and accommodating. He was able to take care of it and was really wonderful!

I generally get good service from J.Crew, but David gave the best service! Whatever you're doing with training - it's working. This is why I love J.Crew, and why you're one of my favorite companies!"

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