Creating Safe Communities

Content Moderation

The content that appears on your platforms shapes user experience and perceptions of your brand. Faster and more thorough content monitoring allows people to feel at home in your community, valued as contributors and protected from abuses.

XtendOps helps you design and enforce content rules that create the online culture you want. We identify inappropriate content quickly and accurately, and put systems in place to keep your communities safe.

Actionable, Organized Date

Data Curation

Data is only as useful as the insights you can extract from it, but transforming large datasets into useful and accurate information takes time and capacity. Our teams take care of your data, keeping databases clean, relevant, and up-to-date throughout their useful life. As data curation experts, we determine the most valuable ways to organize your data, and report results and insights in actionable forms.

AI Meets Human Intelligence

Automation Enablement

Complex technologies often require oversight to achieve a consistent and effective customer experience. We connect you with high quality, on-demand task forces for data capture and cleanup, model calibration, AI training, testing, and validation. Our teams provide the human intelligence to supplement and support your technology as you develop capabilities and grow it to scale.

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Customizable services for tech heavy industries

AI Training
Chatbot Training
Sentiment Analysis
Image Video Tagging
Data Annotation
Data Moderation